What it means to Be Black


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We are changing the narrative of what it means to Be BlackBeing Black is more than your skin color or what “race” you belong to. Being Black is based on your mindset, your beliefs, and how you express those on a daily basis through your actions and words. Being Black is based on self identification. Below are the 10 beliefs we have for Being Black.

1. To lead an honorable life.

2. To be proud of your Black heritage and to carry on Black traditions.

3. To feel an immediate bond with fellow Blacks.

4. To involve yourself in a community of Blacks.

5. To feel a Black identity.

6. To feel a special connection to Black history.

7. To take great pride in Africa.

8. To place an emphasis on education.

9. To feel empathy for the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden.

10. To see the world through the prism of all the above.