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A Justice System based on Love. Based on the belief that every life matters, no matter what you’ve done. A system that is not based on judgement, but rather based on providing fairness and equality to all. The goal is to provide the opportunity to those who want to correct their behavior in order to remain in harmony with the collective. Correcting behavior begins with the admission that the behavior negatively affected the collective (if it affects one, it affects all). Without admission, behavior cannot be corrected and sustained. Without admission, one cannot be trusted, and there is no harmony without trust. Therefore, the ones we cannot trust must be removed from the collective for the welfare of the collective.

Once a person admits to their behavior, they must commit to changing it. That commitment comes in various forms, including reparations and education. Upon changing, a person begins anew. It begins with forgiveness and ends with a renewed trust.

For those who need time to rehabilitate, we will create centers that provide a safe place for rehabilitation to take place. A place based on Love. A place that educates. A place that heals. A place that teaches and trains for a behavior and actions based on Love