Learn the Rules, then Change the Game

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There are four ways to deal with White Supremacists institutions and systems:

Just Deal with it

This is what most of us do. We just accept the way things are and learn how to deal with it.  So, ask yourself: how is that working for you?

Change the Game

This is what the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) was all about.  It was about changing laws and the U.S. Constitution.  What we have experienced is that every time we change the rules of the game, those in charge of the White Supremacists systems (a minority of mostly White men) make further changes to the rules.  We are constantly chasing our tail trying to change the rules of a game that we don’t control.

Destroy the Game

This is what the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation attempted to do with slavery.  The U.S. destroyed the system of chattel slavery, but then the game just changed.  Rather than having direct control over the lives of Blacks through slavery, the White Supremacists system simply developed and changed other systems to indirectly control the lives of Blacks.  They created a “Black Codes” that focused on the over policing and over prosecution of Blacks to create the “convict leasing program” where Blacks could be leased back to plantation owners.  They created unfair laws that forced Blacks to become sharecroppers to work on the same plantations where they were slaves, but now they were so in debt to the plantation owner that they were forced to continue to work on the plantation.

Even to this day, the White Supremacists system has simply developed more systems to indirectly affect and control Black lives. Whether it’s our mis-Education system, our Criminal Injustice system, our Healthcare systems, or our Housing systems, none of them are designed to benefit or support the Black community.  Sure, they have given Blacks a crumb here or there that they use to tell us that this program is for Blacks, but the system or institution was not, is not and will never be designed to support the Black community.  So, we must keep that in mind when we destroy any system: The White Supremacists will create or modify another system to their benefit.

Create a New Game

This is called taking your ball and going home.  This is where Blacks simply pull out of the White Supremacists systems and institutions.  So, what does this look like from a practical perspective?  It first starts with each individual taking action to change their own behavior. One example is pulling your child out of the public mis-Education system and homeschooling them.  Then you come together with other homeschoolers who share your same educational beliefs and you start your own teaching cooperative, and ultimately your own private school and private school system.  The same can be done with creating your own food cooperatives, which turn into locally owned and operated Black grocery stores.  Every White Supremacists system can be replaced by a Black owned and operated system.  We just have to decide “where” we want to create these new systems: within America or outside of America.  But that’s another topic of discussion at a later time.

I hope this article gave you some food for thought so we can start to have discussions about “The Game” and what goals, objectives, strategies and tactics we are going to take to address it.


Stay Blessed and Stay Black!
Michael C. Evans

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