Commerce/Economy articles


Our commerce and economy is based on the exchange of goods with the intent of Love. We do not behave as capitalists, talking advantage of one another. We behave more like socialists, taking care of each other. We believe that individual accomplishments should be rewarded, but not too the extent of being greedy and allowing others to go without.  We believe that everyone has the right to basic human rights: Food, housing, employment, education, healthcare and security. And it is up to us to make sure that everyone in the Black community has access and the ability to secure these basic rights.

The basis of our commerce is land and the production of products and services from the land. We want every single person to own their home and control their production of products and services. We reward hard work and creativity.


We will develop a Black membership-based warehouse club (Black Costco) with a sliding scale annual fee based on a family’s Ability To Pay (ATP).  The higher one’s ATP, the higher the annual fee.  The higher annual fee allows us to offset some or all of the annual fee for those families who have a low ATP.