2. God is not human, and therefore does not have human characteristics.

This is a very important belief and it goes back to the definition that God is Love, Unconditional Love.  Many religions assign human characteristics to God when God is far from human.  If God is Love, then God cannot be jealous, or vengeful, or angry.  God does not choose sides, or favor one group of people over another group of people.  God does not have human emotions or characteristics.  Just the opposite; God is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere simultaneously.  These are characteristics that humans don’t possess.  These are spiritual characteristics.  Unconditional Love is a spiritual characteristic.

I believe that it’s important not to attribute human ideas and human ways of thinking to God.  God is of the spiritual existence, and we as humans must recognize that our physical existence is not our true reality, but rather we are spiritual beings here as human beings (more about this later).  When we acknowledge that God does not have human characteristics and stop assigning human emotions and human thinking to God, then we are able to focus on the spiritual characteristics of God: the Unconditional Love definition.  Do not develop your personal relationship with God based on the fear of God’s wrath or judgment.  That is simply a tactic used to control the behavior and actions of the masses.  Instead develop your close personal relationship with God based on God’s Unconditional Love.  Believe me; it will change your perspective on things and your life.

As always, Believe It, Declare it and Do!  God Bless You!

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