5 Core Spiritual Beliefs

beliefs-wordleGod has given me 5 Core Beliefs I need to share with people. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my beliefs, but I can tell you that these beliefs have increased my personal relationship with God and brought me closer to him. In this post, I will briefly introduce each Core Belief.

1. God is Love, Unconditional Love.

This by far is the most important belief I have. It is the foundation of my being, my existence. I have Faith that God exists and that God is Love. It is from this foundation that all of my Actions are derived, thus creating making me a Believer. I don’t hope that God is Love, I Believe that God is Love based on my Faith and my Actions. I act as though God is Love, and his Love is Unconditional. God’s Love is not based on how I act, what I believe, what I say or what I think. God loves me in spite of any faults I may have. Once I accepted that God is Unconditional Love, I then embraced my personal relationship with him. My close personal relationship with God is evidenced by the Unconditional Love I have with other people and nature. I try to mirror God’s Unconditional Love. Imagine if we all did that: had Unconditional Love for each other. That is the movement: to help each person have a closer personal relationship with God and to reflect his Unconditional Love. I am by no means at the point I desire in my relationships with people and being able to show Unconditional Love, but that is my goal and it continues to draw me closer to God.

2. God is not human, and therefore does not have human characteristics.

This belief is very important to me and it goes back to the definition that God is Love, Unconditional Love. Many religions assign human characteristics to God when God is far from human. If God is Love, then God cannot be jealous, or vengeful, or angry. God does not choose sides, or favor one group of people over another group of people. God does not have human emotions or characteristics. Just the opposite; God is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere simultaneously. These are characteristics that humans don’t possess. These are spiritual characteristics. Unconditional Love is a spiritual characteristic.

I believe that it’s important not to attribute human ideas and human ways of thinking to God. God is of the spiritual existence, and we as humans must recognize that our physical existence is not our true reality, but rather we are spiritual beings here as human beings (more about this later). When we acknowledge that God does not have human characteristics and stop assigning human emotions and human thinking to God, then we are able to focus on the spiritual characteristics of God: the Unconditional Love definition. Do not develop your personal relationship with God based on the fear of God’s wrath or judgment. That is simply a tactic used to control the behavior and actions of the masses. Instead develop your close personal relationship with God based on God’s Unconditional Love. Believe me; it will change your perspective on things and your life.

3. The Soul/Sprit is of God, and like God, it has always existed and will always continue to exist.

This belief gets to the essence of our relationship with God, which is a spiritual relationship. I use the terms Soul and Spirit interchangeably (which will drive some people crazy, such as my wife). I am referring to that part inside of each of us that comes directly from God. I believe that each Soul/Spirit existed before we were born as human beings and that upon each person’s death, the Soul/Spirit continues to exist. The Soul/Spirit has spiritual characteristics like God. I believe that each Soul/Spirit has always existed in the same way that God has always existed and each Soul/Spirit will always exist, like God. I believe the concept of time as we experience it as human beings doesn’t apply in the spiritual existence (I will cover this in more detail in a follow up note). The Soul/Spirit has the ability to show Unconditional Love; Godly Love. It is the Soul/Spirit that draws closer or away from God. When we understand this and Believe this, we can interact with God in the spiritual existence (some call it interacting with the Holy Spirit) to affect our behavior, thoughts, actions and words on a daily basis, for it is through these that we reflect God’s Unconditional Love.

4. We are spiritual beings here on earth as human beings, for just a fraction of our soul’s existence.

When you have Faith and Believe that you are a spiritual being first and foremost, who has a close personal relationship with God in the spiritual existence, then you are able to keep things in perspective. You are able to understand that your life as a human being is temporary by design. When you Believe that your Soul/Spirit is eternal like God, then your human life is but an infinitely small fraction of your Soul’s/Spirit’s existence. This allows you to not sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small compared to your close personal relationship with God.

There is no emotional, mental, physical or financial pain or suffering that you experience as a human being that can damage your soul and your close personal relationship with God. This gives you the power to endure all things, for everything in your human life is just for a season. And when it comes to things that can damage your Soul/Spirit and affect how far or near you are to God, those things only have the ability and authority that you give them to affect your Soul/Spirit. You then understand that you are in total control of your close personal relationship with God based on the decisions you make every day. And no matter what decisions you make, right or wrong, God still Loves you unconditionally and he still wants that close personal relationship with you.

5. Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, are states of being, and reflect how close or far we are to God.

This last belief will probably be the most controversial and many people will have a hard time Believing it (having Faith in it and Acting as if it is so). When you reflect back on the first four beliefs, you will see that God Loves you unconditionally no matter what you do and that you have the freedom as a spiritual being to make whatever decisions you want. Many religions use the concepts of heaven and hell as a reward for good behavior (heaven) and a punishment for bad behavior (hell). Again, this is assigning human logic and behavior to God, when God does not have human characteristics. Remember, God is Love, Unconditional Love. Therefore, good and bad, heaven and hell, are spiritual states of being that reflect how close or far we are from reflecting that Unconditional Love. Unfortunately, many religions use heaven and hell to control the behaviors and actions of the masses. If you focus on reflecting God’s Unconditional Love, you will experience “Heaven on Earth”. We have to keep in mind that road travelled to get to the destination is just as important as the destination itself. How we arrive at our behavior (through fear of punishment or through the desire to reflect God’s Love) is as important as the behavior itself.

I hope that my 5 Core Beliefs give you some food for thought on how to have a closer personal relationship with God. God bless you and remember to Believe It, Declare It and Do It!

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